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The Optum difference

Like achieving overall wellness, success in value-based medicine doesn’t happen overnight. From negotiating a value-based contract to designing new infrastructure for closing care gaps and meeting quality measures, it takes extra time and resources to see your work turn into a thriving practice. The right partner can make that process easier, faster and more cost-effective.

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Flexible to your needs

With teams rooted in the local communities, we’ve supported more than 60,000 physicians across the country and 5 million patients in value-based contracts. Whether you are a growing independent practice or an established hospital system, we’ll help you achieve your goals and become operational without delays to patient care.

How? By bringing you expertise, services and resources for a smoother, faster transition.

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How we help

We provide proven components for a smooth and fast transition.

Data and analytics

  • Greater visibility into care gaps that need to be addressed
  • Timely, actionable data insights to help you provide the best care for your patients and ensure your practice continues to thrive

Extensions to your practice

Optum brings in an added layer of service with experienced, local staff to begin to deliver more holistic care while you focus on operating your business.

  • Social workers to address nonclinical needs
  • Care managers for those with complex conditions
  • In-home visits to provide additional support

Dedicated Optum Network manager

We match you with an Optum Network manager who serves as your primary point of contact for all your value-based care needs.

  • Working alongside you to solve problems and tackle challenges as they arise
  • Walking you through every step of the transition to value-based medicine
  • Getting your team up to speed on using the technology and tools, and ensuring everything is working correctly
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Path to success

It takes time to transition to value-based medicine.
Change does not happen overnight. That’s where Optum comes in. Our intentional step-based approach and ready-to-go services can help get you operational faster, with value-based care.

By the numbers

Statistics behind the Optum difference

  • 14% lower probability of avoidable emergency department visits
  • 10% lower chance of admission for stroke or myocardial infarction
  • 18% lower chance of an inpatient admission
  • 11% lower chance of an emergency department visit
  • 44% lower probability of a hospital admission for COPD or asthma complications
  • 6% fewer instances of an inpatient acute admission from the ED
  • 6% lower rates of return to the emergency department within 30 days
  • 9% lower chance of 30-day hospital readmission

Increased profitability

We provide education and programs to help you accurately capture and document patient needs, leading to more appropriate reimbursement. These programs help improve patient care, keep overall costs down, and can increase the profitability and financial stability of your practice.
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