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Optum Network makes it easier to succeed with value-based care

Deliver great patient care and achieve better financial outcomes.

We get that caring for patients is your top priority.

But finding time for everything can be hard. With the challenges and requirements of today’s health system, it can be hard to balance everything while moving your practice forward — not to mention the complexities of value-based medicine.

Optum is here to help. We offer support, tools and an intentional step-based approach that makes it easier and faster to get to success with value-based care.

Broad experience. Local approach.

At Optum, we’ve supported more than 60,000 physicians across the country and 5 million patients in value-based contracts, with teams rooted in the local community. We bring you the expertise, tools and support to help you transition and evolve your practice every step of the way.
optum clinician and patient
optum clinician and patient

Value-based care is here to stay

Value-based care is not a trend. Each year, more and more patients are covered by risk-based health plans. Optum provides you with the expertise, tools and resources to help you succeed in value-based contracts.

In 2020, less than 20% of Medicare reimbursements were tied to value

By the year 2030, 100% of Medicare reimbursements to be tied to value (CMS goal)

Tools for ease

Data and technology at your fingertips

You get data and insights that make value-based contracts work for you.

Nurse looking at a computer screen with work colleague

Actionable data

Delivers a current view of gaps in your patients’ care

Young male doctor speaking to patient

Simplified processes

Leading to quicker prior authorizations and streamlined referrals

Young female nurse speaking to patient

Holistic views of patient activity

We’re creating visibility into patient needs and ways for you to support them

Nurse sharing information with patient

Performance dashboards

Metrics on how you and your practice are performing against quality measures

Extensions to your practice

Social workers

to address nonclinical needs

Care managers

to help people who have complex conditions

In-home visits

to provide additional support

Our clinical services reinforce programs in which you are already invested and extend them where there are gaps. We deliver an added layer of support to broaden your reach beyond the clinic.

Success with value-based care

Improved outcomes and financial performance

High-value care

We provide care gap reporting and services to help you achieve value-based quality measures.

Accurate documentation​

We educate you on the importance of accurate documentation to reflect the needs of each patient.

Increased profitability

Optum contracts with payers in a totally different way so that you get reimbursed for the quality of the care you provide to patients to help keep them healthy.

optum clinician and patient

A dedicated Optum Network manager

We match you with an Optum Network manager who serves as your primary point of contact for all your value-based care needs.

This includes:

  • Working alongside you to solve problems and tackle challenges as they arise
  • Walking you through every step of the transition to value-based medicine
  • Getting your team up to speed on using the technology and tools, and ensuring everything is working correctly
  • Providing you with education on the importance of accurate clinical documentation

Shared path to success

Optum is highly focused on your success in every step of the process, as we work to guide and streamline your transition.

Our commitment to you:

Expertise and support to get you to success with value-based care faster

Shared financial outcomes

Shared mission to improve the health of your patients and your satisfaction as a physician

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optum clinician and patient

Start your journey with Optum Network

We’re eager and ready to help you make value-based care work for you and your patients. It’s time you had an organization built around service to you.