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Welcome to Advantage Plus Network–Connecticut

A partnership of Optum and Hartford Healthcare

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Helping clinicians achieve success with value-based care in Connecticut

We have been helping providers excel in value-based care in Connecticut since 2018. Advantage Plus Network—Connecticut brings together key levers of success—actionable data and analytics, core capabilities and extensions to your practice—to meet patient needs, improve performance measures and build a stronger community of care.
  • 840 Primary Care Physicians
  • 3,699 Specialists

Extensions to your practice

We bring you vetted programs that reinforce the care you’re already providing.

  • Embedded NP (nurse practitioners) in provider offices
  • Prospective chart reviews
  • House calls—in-home annual health assessment
  • Landmark in home visit support
  • Dispatch in home urgent care support
  • QuantaFlo testing
  • HCC education program
  • Transition of care and ER outreach calls
  • Referral management
  • Case management
  • Utilization management
  • Dispatch Health—urgent care in-home support (vendor)
  • Landmark Health—polychronic patient in-home care support (vendor)
  • Medication review and adherence
  • Disease management (in development)

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