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As a physician today, you have many competing priorities. You already do a lot to provide patients with high quality care, so finding the time and resources to transition to value-based care can be hard.  At Optum, we make it easier for you to get value-based care off the ground and get to success more quickly.

Helping clinicians achieve success with value-based care in Ohio

We know that value starts with you. Value-based care finally provides a way for you as primary care physicians to get paid for the value you provide to your patients, as you work to keep them healthy.

At Optum, we bring expertise, support, and technology to help you get going with value-based care. We understand the challenges you face and know how to help you solve them. We use an intentional step-based approach to help you transition to value-based care as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. And we only make money when you do. That means we’re successful when you’re successful.

Extensions to your practice

We bring you vetted programs that reinforce the care you’re already providing. You do not need a long-term contract to work with us.

  • Data and analytics to identify patients in need and align them with relevant support services
  • Clinical expertise to help you meet regulatory requirements for complex care, transitional care, high-risk and disease management
  • Home and community-based programs
  • Medical management services
  • A dedicated local network manager to provide hands-on support so you can deliver on basic operational functions of value-based care
  • Clinical quality action planning to identity and address gaps in care

Working together is rewarding

4.5 STARS (2023 plan year projected)

93.9% CAHPS (average across six questions on off-cycle surveys, Q4 2021 and Q1 2022)

74.98 NPS (Q4 2021)

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Your Ohio team

headshot of Charles R. Vignos

Charles R. Vignos, Sr. Vice President, Growth

headshot of Michael F. Hecht

Michael F. Hecht, Director, Growth

Nicole Burfield, Manager, Growth Ohio

headshot of Timothy Walton

Timothy Walton, Provider Network Contracting

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