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The Optum Care Network of Washington helps people live their best lives. To be a physician here is to practice medicine first and foremost. Our value-based model lets you focus on patients and care for your wellbeing as well as theirs.

"The support OCN provides has been invaluable. We’ve experienced better patient care and interaction using the OCN tools. These resources translate to the entire practice. The idea of being a solo practice is wonderful, but value-based care is harder to do without strong support to enable the movement forward. The OCN support is beyond what you would imagine."

– Bret Price, MSN, ARNP Family Medicine
   Gig Harbor, WA
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Making health care simpler and more effective for everyone

Watch this video to learn more about the advantages of value-based care for your patients and your practice.

Helping clinicians achieve success with value-based care in Washington

We efficiently coordinate a statewide ambulatory care network of employed clinicians and affiliated medical groups for multiple payers, including federal, state and commercial health plans. The benefits to physicians are significant—you get the support of a health-care industry leader while you remain independent and able to make your own decisions. You also get a national team of doctors connecting your care to the latest evidence-based breakthroughs. A collaborative team always has your back so you can provide affordable, high-quality health care for Washington’s diverse populations.
  • 1,632 Physicians
  • 500+ Care Sites
  • 169 Practices
  • 25 Counties

Extensions to your practice

We bring you vetted programs that reinforce the care you’re already providing.

  • Clinical Quality Action Planning – Targeted measure improvement
  • Remote EMR Access – Bandwidth extenders for performance
  • Collective Medical – Real-time admit tracking
  • PAD Screening – Detection and diagnosis of peripheral arterial disease
  • Patient Experience Action Planning — Customized patient satisfaction support
  • Regional Collaboration – Medical community partnership and learning

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To learn more about your local Optum network, talk to our Washington team

Emily Leigh, Vice President, Network Relations and Contracting

Yvette Cardenas, Associate Director, Provider Network Contracting

Vicky Bruner, Vice President, Network Engagement

Stephen Reville, MD, MMM, Senior Medical Director, Network Engagement

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