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"[At Optum] they are very engaged. They really seem to care about the physicians and very much care about the patients. We are very pleased with that type of approach. It’s something we haven’t seen before and it’s certainly has made our life easier in the office. Less running around, less paperwork, less phone calls, less chasing people."

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Helping clinicians achieve success with value-based care in Arizona

Optum has been helping providers excel in value-based care in Arizona since 2011. We bring together key levers of success—actionable data and analytics, core capabilities and extensions to your practice—to meet patient needs, improve performance measures and build a stronger community of care.
  • 800 + 130 Primary Care Physicians
  • 2,747 Specialists
  • 42 Hospitals
  • 6 Community Centers
  • 441 Practice Locations

Extensions to your practice

We bring you vetted programs that reinforce the care you’re already providing.

  • High-touch care coordination in hospitals, SNFs and members’ homes
  • Robust case management programs
    • Transitions of care (CSC Team)
    • Social services
    • Specialized disease management programs
  • Clinical pharmacy programs
  • Complex behavioral health
  • Palliative care programs
  • Dedicated home health
  • Specialized in-home wound care
  • Mobile urgent care
  • Annual wellness visits at home
  • Optum community center programming, including classes, health education, events, clinical services and more

Unique to Optum, our community centers offer a welcoming social place for adults age 55+ to stay active, be healthy and meet new friends. These centers are open to the public regardless of membership or patient status.

  • Fitness classes like yoga and dance
  • Fitness studio with easy-to-use, air-powered equipment open to all abilities
  • Presentations on nutrition, healthy mindsets, technology and more
  • Social activities like art classes, movie afternoons and parties
  • On-site clinics for completing annual wellness visits and screenings
  • Virtual community center with host of online classes
clinician and patient

Working together is rewarding

4.5 STARS (2023 plan year projected)

93.9% CAHPS

74.98 NPS (Q4 2021)

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